You already appreciate the sacrifices made by members of our military, but you may not realize their choice to serve and protect our country means their families, their spouse, parents and especially kids, will also sacrifice years of a normal life.

You can imagine that growing up is tough for children in military families as they face unique challenges like being asked to navigate their formative years without one of their parents or starting over at a new school again and again that can leave them feeling alone, insecure and isolated.

With your help, we want to help these kids find peace and comfort in God alone in the midst of any worldly uncertainty.

That’s why we’ve launched the Hero Squad. We want to form a circle of support around these children and teens to point them to the only permanent source of security and self-esteem—God’s Word. 

Through your support, you can ensure that sons and daughters of Service members have the opportunity to discover they are known, loved, and accepted by God.

When you make a gift of $19 a month, we’ll put your gift to work to immediately begin delivering multiple care packages throughout the year to military families that include: 

  • A Bible (for many, it’s their very first personally owned Bible!)
  • Age-appropriate weekly devotional
  • Biblically-based spiritual resources
  • Journal and Bible study materials
  • Family scripture engagement activities 
  • Special additional gift box items of thanks from a grateful nation to inspire them

With your monthly support, we can show military children they are valued and loved. Your gift will play a role in helping them build faith, hope, and purpose for their lives. While military families are sacrificing physically and emotionally to protect our nation and our way of life, your monthly support will ensure that they don’t sacrifice spiritually.

Will you help the children of America’s heroes experience God’s hope and peace during their darkest hours by supporting the Hero Squad with a monthly gift of $19 today?

Since 1816 donors to American Bible Society have had the assurance that their contributions are faithfully providing God’s word to American Warriors and their families.